Behind the Project

Fuse is a new independent project with the aim of solving for X.

Hi ✌️ I'm Michael, and for as long as I can remember, I've wanted answers. What's it like to backpack the world? How is agriculture working to meet the future of off-world civilizations? Is the German underground techno scene exclusive? Does the Caspian sea produce the best caviar? What's it like to start a business online? What if it's in Prague? And by the way, are there good hostels there?

Fuse is a place to bring it all together.

No agenda. No rules to follow. We're borderless and with lots of room to create.

What we aim to be

The world is full of information, news, and current events. While that's a part of what we do here, we hope Fuse brings the former to light through unique voices and fresh perspectives, unearthing stories which excite.

How we'll go about it as we grow

Through researched stories, interviews and collaboration. We'll take time to produce meaningful posts, slowly growing our frequency and mediums. As we grow in readership, we'll take on exciting new projects planned for our readers such as video and audio storytelling.

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Unique stories, human perspectives, discovering the world, learning, culture, niche topics, community.

About myself:

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